LITco Store Temporary Closure

Folks, we hate to do this, but we’re going to temporarily close the store. But, it’s not without good reason.

When we took over LITco, all full of piss and vinegar, we thought that we had a plan that would allow us to hit the ground running. What actually happened, though, is that we hit reality. Certain machine tools were not included in the transfer, and we thought that we could adapt certain techniques we’ve been using for other projects to building turnouts. As it turns out, we have been less than successful to this point.

What we have learned, we’re applying to development of new tools and techniques which will allow us to build a superior product. But, we’re not willing to put anything out there until we know we can fulfill orders in a timely manner. LITco has always made the best turnouts in the business, and we are committed to doing the same — or better.

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Thanks for your support and understanding.


  1. Craig Curran - Reply

    Looking forward to your On30 turnouts,. Any estimate ss to when you might be back in production? H have used over 50 of your HOn3 products and been very satisfied – now that I’ve switfhed to On30, I will need about twenty for my much smaller layout. Old hands and eyes work better in On30!

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