LITco Status March 30, 2018

Production at LITco is slowly coming on line. Unfortunately, we did hit some unanticipated roadblocks that are causing us to miss our target dates for both production startup and for shipping the first few orders. We have had to purchase and build certain tools that we had anticipated being part of the transfer of the company.

We are making progress, though. Our new wet grinder for points and frogs is scheduled to arrive on Monday. In the meantime, we’re slowly making these parts by hand.

We did anticipate that there would be some growing pains as we absorb LITco into our schedules and our families of products and tune the manufacturing process, and we ask that you bear with us during our transition. Rest assured that our goal is that LITco continues to produce the finest turnouts available anywhere.

Most news about LITco will be published through this web site, so we urge you to subscribe to our mail list, which you can do using the mini-form to the right. We’ll also post periodic announcements as appropriate to Facebook and various Yahoo!Groups, as well as in the traditional model railroad press.

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